4 Reasons Why Women Are Registering For Their Own Gun License

Owning a firearm is highly regarded as a man’s responsible for protecting the household. Today, millions of women are victims of domestic violence, rape, and have become more susceptible to physical attacks. However, more women are taking their step towards extra measures in their own personal protection.

Here are four reasons why women are registering for their own gun license.

Gun Ownership Adds Additional Protection

Women are at risk of violence, and there are no reasons why they should be victims in any way. While women are unfortunately more at risk of attempted violence and race, owning a firearm has made more women feel secure and confident that they are able to protect themselves. Not only does this increase their personal safety, this also provides the difference between life and death against an attack.

More Women Enjoy the Hobbies of Shooting at the Local Range

Women are learning to embrace their inner strength and want to find ways on how to stay safe. This is why many women enjoy heading to the local shooting range. Not only is this a great hobby to unwind and practice with friends, it has also been shown to boost self-confidence and relieve stress.

The Rate of Female Gun Owners Are Higher Than Ever Before

Females are taking a stand, and we can definitely see the results. The rise in female gun ownership has grown over the recent years and doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon. Women are embracing the firearm ownership as a sport in practicing with their firearms for enjoyment and developing their skills.

Both Men and Woman Share the Rights of the Second Amendment.

Men are not solely allowed the rights to bear arms. The Second Amendment is written for both men and women as this allows women to liberate their rights to protect their families and themselves without the need of a man.

Do you have a gun ownership license already? Are you planning to apply for your rights to bear arms? Comment below and tell us what you think!

Women and Domestic Abuse: 3 Signs That It Is Time to Get Out Now

Trying to leave an abusive relationship is never easy. With the hopes that things will be different or fear of what will happen next, walking away isn’t always the first choice in mind. Whatever reasons you may have of holding on, it is important to know that you don’t have to feel trapped as help is available within a phone call away.

If you’re faced with the decision of whether to leave or stay, here are 3 signs that it’s time to get out now.

Hoping Your Abuser Will Change Their Behavior

If the abuse has happened once, it will likely happen again. Abusers have anger along with psychological and emotional problems. While we all hope that they would make a change for the better, it will not be easy and must be done willingly. The change will only happen when they take responsibility for their actions and seek professional treatment.

You Believe You Can Help Change Your Abuser

As humans, it is only natural that you want to help your loved ones. You might think that you are the only one who understands them and that it is your responsibility to help them. However, staying with them as they continue to abuse will only allow this abusive behavior towards you. This will not only reserve the effects of your abuser, you will allow them to continue.

Your Abuser Promised To Stop

When left as drastic measures, abusers will often beg for another chance to be forgiven and a promise to change their ways. However, while they might mean what they say at that moment, their ultimate goal is to keep you in control and prevent you from leaving them.


Understanding these signs will help you build up the courage to leave and understand that your abuser will not change. If you are afraid of what your abuser will do, don’t wait until it is too late to seek help and get out of a dangerous situation.

4 Ways You Can Stay Safe When leaning Your Abuser

Whether you plan to leave your abuser or unsure when you should do it, it is important to prepare a strategy that will get you out safely. These tips will help you protect yourself and even your family as it will make the difference between a dangerous situation and a safe one.
Here are 4 ways you can stay safe when leaving your abuser.

Prepare For Emergencies

Make sure to have your prepared information and items ready and know where you are able to go without your abuser able to find you. Avoid all spaces that are small and far from exits, such as the bathrooms or closets. Stay away from the kitchen or areas with potential weapons. If possible, head to a room that can be easily seen outside near a door or window.

Know the Warning Signs

Always stay alert for clues or signs that your abuser is getting angry and triggering violence. Come up with believable excuses that you can use to leave your home when you sense the danger.

Be Ready to Leave At All Times

Always make sure that you are ready to leave at all times. Keep the car keys nearby, the car fueled up and facing towards the exit. Try to hide a spare key where your abuser will not know so that you may be able to get it immediately if he tries to take the keys. Make sure to practice an escape plan so that you and your family will know exactly what to do during an event with your abuser.

Memorize Important Contacts

Have several people in mind to ask if you can call them if you need a ride, help or even a place to stay. Be sure to memorize their numbers as well as the local emergency contacts, domestic violence hotline, and your local shelter.


You may be in fear to leave your abuser and even scared to ask for help if your partner finds out. However, these precautions will prepare you for the moment and help take you towards safety. Seek help right away and cover your tracks as much as possible.