About Us

The Wayne County Friend of the Court is the largest FOC in all of Michigan. With more than 300,000 cases of domestic relations, the FOC has made it their mission to take primary responsibilities in reports, investigations, and recommendations to the Court on various matters.

We provide general information about the Friend of the Court System as well as legal tips, tricks, hacks, and advice. We believe that each case is different and must be handled individually per issue. Here you will find general information about the legal issues and procedures that apply to a large range of circumstances that many families experience.
We provide help for families who are looking for useful information in need of making involved decisions during the processes. We help keep families informed of on all local state and federal regulations updates. Here you will find articles related to civil claims, general disputes, family custody, and more.

Our mission is to provide helpful tips and information as we do not give legal recommendations for your course of actions. We focus on bringing you quality information to help you make informed choices on the course of action.

Feel free to call us for more information and inquiries you might have.